Ensuring information superiority

Airborne systems – both on board aircraft or sensors on the ground – have been a central part in HENSOLDT’s portfolio for years.

Pilotes and their aircraft can be on spot within minutes and react immediately to threats. But to succesfully cope with their missions, one aspect is crucial: information. More precisely: The right information – at the right time – in the right place. The same goes for ground units who monitor the airspace, operate air defence systems and guarantee the safety of air traffic.

To provide them with modern and high-performing solutions for these areas, HENSOLDT is continously driving further research and development of airborne sensor technologies.


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Director of Business Development
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Our airborne portfolio

  • MissionGrid Scalable network of airborne sensors

    MissionGrid is a scalable mission system that takes full advantage of the rich feature set provided by the HENSOLDT radar and electro-optic sensor range. Combined with data fusion and mission management software, MissionGrid provides a capability increase that enables a single aircraft to deliver multiple missions. This opens up additional revenue earning options for contracted air service providers and enhances product value to government and military operators.

    In order to minimise integration risk onto the aircraft, HENSOLDT recommends the Airborne Systems Integration Lab. This VPN-accessible facility replicates the complete aircraft mission system and operational environment for verification testing, certification and synthetic training.

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  • Detect & Avoid Radar (DAA) Anti-collision radar

    The Detect and Avoid Radar for remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) facilitates a safe integration of unmanned systems into the non-segregated airspace. It replaces the pilot’s perception by a technical system which outclasses the human eye in range, probability of detection and accuracy in order to avoid aircraft collisions. The radar is complemented by cooperative systems like TCAS, ADS-B and optical sensors to generate an overview picture (Detect & Avoid Processing).

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  • MILDS Missile warning system

    The armed forces have recognised the increasing threat to their tactical aircraft from anti-aircraft infrared guided missiles. By one estimate more than 500,000 shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles exist and are available on the worldwide market. A high percentage of the aircraft losses in current and recent conflicts were from ground based defensive systems using IR SAMS. The threat of passive anti-aircraft missiles is evident. They are an undeniable danger to the aircrew and the aircraft.

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  • AMPS Airborne Missile Protection

    The Airborne Missile Protection System is a flexible stand-alone off-the-shelf self-protection suite for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.It is capable of combining different kinds of warning sensors, countermeasures and other avionic equipment in order to protect the platform and its crew against a variety of threats as e.g. infrared, laser or radar guided missile threats. Its modular design allows AMPS to be easily adapted and configured to the specific operational needs and for different mission profiles.

    Our self-protection systems are in operational use on more than 700 military and VIP platforms for various customers worldwide.

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    The ARGOS-II Airborne Observation System is designed for installation on helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles to provide ITAR Free surveillance (ISR)  and targeting (ISTAR) capabilities for military, border and maritime patrol and law enforcement missions.

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  • HENSOLDT Kalaetron Integral Fully integrated SIGINT system

    Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) is of absolute essence to identify the intentions and systems used by the enemy, its communication networks, internal structures and thus identifying the electronic order of battle. Therefore, Kalætron Integral has been developed by HENSOLDT as part of the Kalaetron product family to provide a fully integrated air SIGINT solution.

    More information at HENSOLDT Group website.

  • PrecISR Airborne Multi-Mission ISR Radar Large area surveillance in one flight pass

    PrecISR™, HENSOLDT’s new family of Airborne Multi-Mission Surveillance Radars, offers high performance in a compact design. The superior performance of PrecISR™ enables airborne operators to accomplish large area surveillance in one flight pass. Even in the most difficult environmental conditions and sea states, users will take advantage of an unrivalled level of situational awareness with significant flight cost savings.