Whether on or under water

The control of sea lanes and coastal regions is an indispensable task for every coastal state, which cannot be mastered without powerful sensors. In fulfilling this task, naval forces and coastguard units are constantly confronted with new challenges.

Missions on the high seas as well as in coastal waters are characterised by a high density of potential threats and extremely difficult environmental conditions.

Under these circumstances, individual sensor technologies sometimes reach their limits, so that in many cases a reliable picture of the situation can best be obtained by combining several sensors.



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Our maritime portfolio

  • TRS-3D Medium-range air and surface surveillance radar

    TRS-3D is a fully coherent multi-mode phased array C-band radar capable of fully automatic detection, track initiation, and classification of various types of targets. Even under severe clutter conditions encountered in the littoral, it detects and tracks with a particular emphasis on aircraft, missiles, and asymmetric threats. This ensures minimal operator workload and maximizes operational effectiveness.

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  • TRS-4D Rotator Multi-function surveillance and target acquisition radar

    TRS-4D is HENSOLDT’s latest member of the C-Band (NATO G-Band) naval radar family. It is available with a single face rotating antenna and also a four fixed-panel configuration.

    Based on the most advanced Gallium Nitride Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) sensor technology with multiple digitally formed beams, TRS-4D opens a new dimension for maratime missions.

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  • COLDS NGB Laser ESM system for ships

    COLDS NGB has been especially designed for naval applications. The system detects laser range finders, laser target designators and laser beam riders with an excellent efficiency in all bearings.

    Each COLDS NGB sensor unit covers more than 180° in azimuth and 90° in elevation. Therefore, a full coverage of 360° in azimuth can be obtained for each cluster, with two sensors installed on starboard and portside. Depending on the size of the ship the system allows a configuration with up to 16 sensor units to ensure full protection of the platform.

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  • Mk5 SharpEye Naval radar sesor

    The Mk5 SharpEye is an extremely reliable, high performance X-Band Doppler radar system ideally suited to marine navigation, collision avoidance and situational awareness. The Mk5 SharpEye includes the maintenance free, state-of-the-art, solid state SharpEye transceiver.

    The Mk5 SharpEye is an entry-level naval product, typically aimed at inshore patrol vessels (IPVs), coastguard or marine protection vessels with a displacement of less than 150 tons.

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  • MK11/IFF combined antenna Two systems, one antenna

    The Mk11 SharpEye X band radar is a well proven naval surveillance radar. The superior performance and reliability is achieved with the solid state electronics and patented technology in the SharpEyeTM transceiver. The modern turning unit is constructed of carbon fibre and has a direct drive motor system to eliminate the traditional gearbox.

    This low maintenance unit has now been enhanced with the addition of the IFF antenna. This is designed to meet the challenge of smaller vessels, used by navies, coastguards and border agencies, providing high performance in all conditions, whilst reducing the space required.

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  • Quadome Naval air and surface radar

    HENSOLDT Quadome is a dual-mode, multi-mission surveillance radar for naval air- and surface-surveillance. The radar system provides navies and maritime security forces with unprecedented situational awareness and extremely short reaction times.

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  • SBS-800 Coherent radar system

    HENSOLDT´s surveillance radars for shore based applications have been specifically developed to meet the stringent operational requirements of port, harbour and river traffic operators as well as government agencies responsible for the protection of coastal and littoral zones. The SBS-800 family is configured to provide an upmast highly reliable system without the need for dual redundancy of the radar sensor.

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  • OctoEye360 Non-rotating panoramic observation

    HENSOLDT is further expanding its submarine portfolio by introducing the OctoEye360 panoramic observation system, providing an instant 360° non-rotating panoramic view of the surrounding surface environment at day and night.

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