From reconnaissance to action

Land forces must be capable of tracking and manoeuvring any time day or night, as well as in inclement weather and across rugged topography. 

This includes tasks like observing and evaluating the environment, detecting and identifying danger as well as tracking with absolute assurance. It also means being aware of the surrounding and being protected from threats imperceptible to the human eye. Indeed, the success hinges on the crew’s ability to see and engage under every condition.

Backed by years of experience in EW, radar and optronics solutions for security and defence applications, HENSOLDT provides forces all over the globe with a wide spectrum of sensors for land forces which supports them in getting their job done.


Steve Soucek
Senior Director of Business Development

Our land portfolio

  • MUSS Multi-functional self-protection

    Presently the protection of armoured fighting vehicles is based on traditional protection made of steel or composite materials. The level of protection has mainly been improved by providing thicker armour with the consequence of increasing weight. The requirement of the weight budget for the Puma Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) is very limited. Under such conditions, the level of protection cannot be achieved when using only passive armour.

    It is only possible to improve the level of an Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle’s protection within the given weight limitations by using an active protection system approach. Hits from hostile ATGM threats can be avoided by combining warning sensors, which detect the missile and laser threats, and activate the appropriate countermeasures.

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  • SETAS See through armour system

    SETAS is a day and night high performance local area observation system for any type of armoured vehicle. This high resolution electro optical vision system gives each crew member the possibility to stay secure under hatch without losing full visual situational awareness, 360° around the vehicle. Threats like snipers or RPGs can be detected within their operating range.

    The high vertical field of view makes the system superior for environments like the urban canyon and for threats from above. The modular system accommodates two powerful sensor systems: very high resolution colour daylight cameras and uncooled thermal imagers. The mission-approved uncooled thermal imager is already mounted on several military vehicles worldwide.

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  • Twinvis Passive radar

    Twinvis is a passive radar that adds a new dimension to the world of surveillance and situational awareness. It offers decisive operational advantages: it cannot be located due to the absence of any transmitted radar signals and it does not need any emissions from targets to locate them. Instead Twinvis works by using multiple existing VHF and UHF transmissions from analogue and digital radio as well as television.

    Areas all over the world have sufficient transmitter-of-opportunity coverage for Twinvis to use. Twinvis Passive Radar provides real-time omnidirectional 3D tracking of air targets. Its unique technical features allow tracking of highly agile targets as well as ensure invisibility to hostile ECM systems and are the perfect placement for covert, non-cooperative surveillance tasks.

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  • TRML-4D Target and acquisition radar

    TRML-4D is the latest member of HENSOLDT’s C-band (NATO G-band) radar family. It is designed to be used as a remote controlled mobile unit for effective ground-based air defence and is already field proven. As a software-defined sensor system, it caters for future viability and flexibility in operation.

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  • Abrams M1 ELRF Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder - Proven in the field

    The M1 ELRF was successfully fieldtested by USMC and US Army in all configurations of the M1-MBT. The M1-ELRF can replace all non eye-safe and eye-safe LRFs used in the M1 MBT.

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  • EOTS III Electro-optical targeting system

    The HENSOLDT EOTS III systems form a family of state of the art stabilized long range electro-optical reconnaissance and weapon sights, each adapted to the different conditions of the respective area of operation under the toughest battlefield conditions.

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  • SPEXER 360 Surveillance Radar for Security Applications

    SPEXER 360 is a lightweight, low power, X-band radar, designed to be deployed on a variety of platforms. SPEXER 360 can be easily integrated with additional sensors through a highly flexible C2 system.

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