Protecting people and places

Our products and solutions in the area of security and surveillance represent a powerful combination between security technologies and advanced sensors to protect people, borders and other critical infrastructure. By linking technologies like radar and optronics with our SIGINT technologies, we provide the right capabilities for challenges like wildlife protection and maritime surveillance.

How HENSOLDT and its solutions contribute in this area con be seen in South Africas biggest rhino conservancy, where our advanced sensors technologies help to fight against poachers, preserving this natural heritage for the future.



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Business Development
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Our security portfolio

  • Xpeller Modular counter-UAV system

    Small, inexpensive, and commercially available UAVs have increasingly become a real threat, when misused for illegal uses such as espionage, sabotage or terrorism. HENSOLDT Xpeller is a autonomous system solution developed specifically to effectively detect, track, classify and mitigate unmanned aerial systems in a predefined protected zone.

    Learn more at the HENSOLDT Group website.

  • Border protection Situational awareness tailored for border protection

    As proven expert for networked security and surveillance solutions, HENSOLDT provides full solutions border protection with a special focus on mid- and long-range surveillance, also including important intelligence technologies like OSINT to enhance our customerĀ“s situational awareness.

    In this context, we have developed a variety of pre-configured systems for multiple applications, reducing implementation complexity and allowing for physical relocation. Another benefit for customer nations is that our technologies can also be integrated with existing border security systems.

    Learn more at the HENSOLDT Group website.