HENSOLDT launches its latest solutions to detect and protect on land

Models of the Quadome land antenna and its deployment, as well as the RES9000 shelter solution represented the products launched during the event. A rhino statuette represents the World Rhino Day celebrations that were observed during the event. Photo: HENSOLDT

HENSOLDT offers platform-independent solutions across land, air and sea and launched its latest products for each of these domains at the 2022 edition of the African Aerospace and Defence Expo, underway at Air Force Base Waterkloof, Pretoria, South Africa. Focusing on the land domain on the second day of the show, HENSOLDT launched its new-generation solutions for radar surveillance and radar electronic support, while also highlighting the company’s innovative contribution to wildlife protection.

Quadome ground-based air and surface surveillance radar

Quadome is a three-dimensional multi-mission radar that punches well above its weight-class for air and surface surveillance, as well as target-acquisition. The Quadome Land ground-based air and surface surveillance radar launch follows the introduction of its naval counterpart at DSEi in September 2021.

Quadome Land is aimed at the global market for tactical ground-based air defence radar systems, deployed in the air defence or coastal surveillance roles. Because of its compact size, relatively low mass and excellent price-performance ratio, the radar offers 3D air surveillance and air defence capabilities that are highly mobile and easily deployable.

Quadome features two main operational modes that simplify operator interaction and reduce operator workload – surveillance mode for general surface and air surveillance, while the air defence mode is employed for high-threat situations and target engagement. The radar features the latest active electronically steered antenna (AESA) technology and is software-defined, thus being a future-proof solution with an extended operational lifetime.

The development of Quadome is undertaken in South Africa through a close collaboration between HENSOLDT South Africa and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). It is currently the largest defence radar development programme in South Africa. “Not only is a Quadome a world-class product that will revolutionise the radar landscape worldwide, it also makes a significant contribution to the technology available to detect and protect our own borders and seas in the South African defence landscape,” says van der Watt.

RES9000 radar electronic surveillance solution

HENSOLDT introduced its brand new, innovative and compact radar electronic surveillance solution for superior battlefield situational awareness of the radar domain for land-based applications. The GEW® RES9000 uses the latest technology in sensor-based signal acquisition for the detection, locating and analysis of modern radar emitters.

The RES9000 complements HENSOLDT’s extensive tactical electronic warfare portfolio.  Collected information on surface-based and airborne search and targeting radars can now be fused together with intercepted electronic communications information to provide a collated and concise overview of the electronic order-of-battle (EOB) to battlefield commanders for decisive operational command and control.

“Being well known in the spectrum dominance field, GEW has recognised that the boundaries between the communications domain and the radar domain are fusing; and our customers no longer focus on each domain separately. With this trend in mind, we have developed a modern and compact radar electronic support solution that is closely integrated with our tactical EW systems to create a complete electromagnetic intelligence solution, which we believe will offer significant value to our customers in dealing with their electro-magnetic threats”, said Christo Fouché, the Chief Executive Sales and Marking of HENSOLDT GEW.

Celebrating World Rhino Day

Honouring World Rhino Day on 22 September 2022, HENSOLDT South Africa celebrates five years of zero poaching on the world’s largest rhino conservancy, where its state-of-the-art technologies have been keeping a large number of rhinos safe.

The specially developed system combines a number of advanced sensors, including optical and radar sensors, to monitor the rhinos, farm and surrounding areas. Data from these sensors are fused using advanced analytics at a command-and-control centre to provide complete situational awareness and early warning of potential poachers approaching the area.

“We are honoured to be part of important initiatives such as the conservation of our wildlife and we aim to expand our efforts”, says Hennie Venter, Chief Executive of the HENSOLDT South Africa GEW business unit. “Join us in supporting and advocating important initiatives such as the protection of our majestic animals. Responsible companies’ actions flow from its responsible individuals”, adds Venter. The know-how acquired through these projects can be applied for protecting other wildlife and national parks to safe-keep endangered species such as lions, elephants and even abalone.

Through its business units, GEW, Radar and Optronics, HENSOLDT South Africa delivers solutions to clients across the world and significantly contributes to South Africa’s export industry, while it is firmly grounded in its roots as a proudly South African company, operating in South Africa for South Africa.

About HENSOLDT South Africa

HENSOLDT South Africa is a pioneer of technology and innovation in defence and security electronics. The company offers a comprehensive range of products, systems and services across defence and civil markets, from electronic warfare and optronics, spectrum monitoring and security solutions, to radar, IFF and datalinks. With more than 700 South African employees across five sites in South Africa, it is the HENSOLDT Group’s largest industrial base outside of Europe and one of the largest defence and security electronics companies in South Africa.

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